2D Motion Design & VFX in After Effects
Year: 2022
Client: Wipro
Studio: Trollbäck+Company.
Creative Director: Elliott Chaffer
Producer: Trollbäck+Company Staff
Animation: Anthony Serraino & Trollbäck+Company Staff
Trollbäck+Company asked me to help incorporate and composite the Wipro brand into the commercial within translucent spheres born from the Wipros logo. Windpro touches upon many modern achievements that impact our lives. I conclude the commercial with a beautiful animated logo resolved in the clouds.
In the shot of the engineer, I composited color-refracted light or caustics on the laptop and the engineer's body as the colored translucent spheres crossed overhead. I used After Effects to color correct, composite the refracted light from the colored spheres, and rotoscope out the arms, face, hard hat, shirt, and laptop to create the feeling of different planes and space.
Science Lab
In a science lab shot, I had to rotoscope out with Adobe After Effects the windows, top, walls, and mixer. Behind the windows, I added animating spheres passing by the science lab, color-corrected them, and added depth of field to composite them into the environment. The spheres emitted refracted light that projected onto the surrounding lab walls. As you see the colored spheres passing by the scientist, you can see their reflections on the table. In the mixer shot, the refracted light from the spheres passing by the lab illuminated the mixer.
In the robotics lab scene, I used Adobe After Effects to rotoscope out the robot, support structure, back walls, and engineers. This allowed me to create a multi-plane environment to simulate translucent spheres passing by behind the camera, refracting and reflecting colored light into the environment.

Branding Logo Lockup
In the logo reveal shot, I utilized Maxon's Red Giant Particular in Adobe After Effects to craft the cloud environment. Following the continuity from the preceding shot, as the spheres move across the ground and ascend into the sky, they traverse through a cloud environment. Ultimately, they converge to form the Wipro branding logo lockup.
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