3D Lighting, Materials & Animation in Cinema 4D / Rendered with Physical / 2D Compositing & Motion Design in After Effects
Client: Victoria's Secret / Pink
3D Animation: Anthony Serraino
2D Animation: Anthony Serraino
Mystery Box Mobile App Game
The following is an overview of the design and animation process for the Mystery Box, a mobile game that is part of the PINK app, designed to complement the store displays and advertising campaign. The design involved testing different combinations of pink, purple pearl, and pink/blue for the box cover. Different options for materials and colors for the heart-shaped button were also considered. The final decision was to use a light pink box with darker pink polka dots and a red heart button.
You Found Me Mobile App Game
The design and animation process for the game "You Found Me" on the PINK mobile app. The process included experimenting with different materials and appearances for the bouncing spheres in the background. The final choice was to use flat vector-style spheres in a 3D environment.
Vector-style Spheres in a 3D Environment.
3D Style Spheres in a 3D Environment.
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