3D Lighting, Materials, Animation in Cinema 4D / Rendered with Redshift / 2D Compositing & Motion Design in After Effects
Year: 2022
Client: NBCUniversal / Peacock
Studio: LoyalKaspar.com
Chief Creative Officer: Beat  Baudenbacher
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Doernemann
Executive Producer: Scott Lakso
Art Director: Joe Fuller
Lead Producer: Sarah Keshishian
3D Animation: Anthony Serraino, Joe Fuller & Loyalkaspar staff
2D Animation: Anthony Serraino & Loyalkaspar staff
Peacock Hero Animation with Apple TV
Peacock Hero Animation used with mobile
Promo & Trailers
Promo Title Cards
Promo Opening Animation
Peacock hero animation used with an end card
Peacock Original programming rating animation
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