Motion Design, 3D & 2D Animation / Compositing
Project Description:
Nitto Tires - Ridge Grappler - is a 60-second broadcast campaign highlighting the key feature that makeup Nitto's top tire line. Merit/Andrew asked me to come in and help out with 3D modeling, lighting, texture, animation, and VFX, and the compositing and looked development; as well as designing and animating the information graphics. The 3D was done in Cinema 4D and beautifully composited collectively in Adobe After Effects by the talented artists at and myself.
Agency: Cie Digital Labs / VFX&Film Company: Merit/Andrew 
01: Animate, texture, and lights the man carving the first wheel out of stone in a cave lit by fire as fragments of stone and the wheel was shaped by man.
02: Composite VFX, animate, texture, and lights the wheel developing over the years as it metamorphosis and changes into the technology of the Ridge Grappler design and construction.
03: Animate and keep the technical information about the tires technology and construction interesting and fun to watch.
04: Design and animate the text information blocks of type.
Project Key Frames
Solution 04:
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