3D Lighting, Materials & Animation in Cinema 4D / Rendered with Physical / 2D Compositing & Motion Design in After Effects
Client: NFL
Studio: LoyalKaspar.com
3D Animation: Anthony Serraino, Loyalkaspar staff
2D Animation: Anthony Serraino & Loyalkaspar staff
Synopsis: Loyal Kaspar in Los Angeles invited me to assist in creating and animating mobile content for the National Football League (NFL) for one of the largest sporting events in the USA, the Super Bowl. My tasks included developing an interstitial system consisting of logo identities, transitions, team, and player stats to be used during the broadcast of Super Bowl 51. The 3D animation was done using Cinema 4D, and the final compositing and color correction was done in Adobe After Effects, all produced at Loyal Kaspar.​​​​​​​
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