3D Animation / Compositing
Passion Project
3D Animation/Rendering: Anthony Serraino
Compositing: Anthony Serraino
Porshe 911 3D model provided by: Szymon Kubicki / https://www.behance.net/kubicki3d
3D desert plants models provided by:  https://evermotion.org
Textures and materials provided by: https://greyscalegorilla.com
Music - Artist: techtheist / Album: FMA2021 part 2 / Track: Another Autumn in Despair - https://freemusicarchive.org/music/techtheist#contact-artist
Sound Effects - https://pixabay.com
This project explored highlighting the beautiful shape of the Porsche 911 and captured the picturesque scenery of the southwest desert. Making this fully CG short was a gratifying experience, utilizing Cinema 4D dynamics and Redshift viewport-friendly systems. Redshift handled millions of high poly cloned plant life scattered across the desert landscape. The process was a helpful learning experience.
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