Style frames, 3D Environment Design, Lighting, Materials, Animation in Cinema 4D / Render with Redshift / 2D Compositing in After Effects
Year: 2022
Client: Personal Project
3D Animation/Rendering: Anthony Serraino
Compositing: Anthony Serraino
Porshe 911 3D model provided by: Szymon Kubicki /
3D desert plants models provided by:
Textures and materials provided by:
Music - Artist: techtheist / Album: FMA2021 part 2 / Track: Another Autumn in Despair -
Sound Effects -
Synopsis: In 2020, my family and I went on a journey from California to various locations in Arizona, including Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Phoenix, and back. The stunning landscapes we encountered during our drive through the desert were breathtaking. Although the beauty of the desert was awe-inspiring, it also created a sense of unease at times. During certain parts of the trip, we didn't have access to GPS, maps, or cell signals, which made me realize that I tend to depend too much on technology. I created a personal project to capture the vast, untouched beauty of the desert, where we were driving with not a soul in sight for hours. Feeling out of control, and trusting myself that I’m heading in the right direction. Although we didn't travel in a Porsche 911, we still had an exhilarating time, creating unforgettable memories and filling up an SD card with photos.
The creation of the entirely computer-generated short film was a rewarding experience that utilized Cinema 4D dynamics and Redshift's efficient viewport systems. Redshift efficiently managed a large number of high-polygon cloned plants in the desert landscape, making the process a valuable learning experience.
Project Keyframes From The Movie
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