Motion Design in After Effects
Year: 2010
Client: Google
Agency: Google Creative Labs
Studio: 1st Ave Machine
Director:  - Beat  Baudenbacher
Director: Aaron Duffy
Executive Producer: Serge Patzak, Sam Penfield
Producer: John Burger, Crystal Campbell
Head of Creative Development: Claire Mitchell
Concept Art: Carlos Ancalmo
2D Animation: Anthony Serriano, Joon Park, John Stanch, John Loughlin, Will Decker, WeiTo Chow
Music: Analogue Muse
Executive Producer: Alan Zahn
Composer: Jeremy Turner
Sound Design: Analogue Muse
Sound Designer: Geoff Strasser, Nick Cipriano
Producers: Alan Zahn, Jeremy Turner
Audio Post: Muse Mix
Mixer: Nick Cipriano
I had the opportunity to work on Google's Super Bowl XLIV commercial, "Parisian Love." This spot depicts the human experience through animation, capturing the essence of the search process by bringing emotions, thoughts, and actions to life as people search, read, and find solutions in their lives.
When I watch this project, it always affects me. As a motion designer freelancing in New York City for two years, I didn't fully appreciate the power of emotion and storytelling in my career until now. Initially, when I was introduced to the creative brief, I failed to recognize the impact of simulating a Google user's search experience as they use Google to guide and solve their problems. However, as I reflect on it now, I feel immense pride in my contribution.
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