3D Environment Design, Lighting, Materials, Animation in Cinema 4D / Render with Physical / 2D Compositing in After Effects
Year: 2023
Client: Falken Tires
Studio: Merit/Andrew
Chief Creative Officer - Curt Fleming
Executive Producer - Caroline Scott
Head Of Animation - Jason Rapp
3D Animation: Anthony Serraino & Jason Rapp
VFX Compositing: Anthony Serraino & Jason Rapp
2D Animation: Anthony Serraino & Jason Rapp
Falken Tires Video / Brand Commercial
Falken Tires Video / Wildpeak Commercial
Screenshots / Brand Commercial
Screenshots / Wildpeak Commercial
Falken Tires / Color Lights Staging / Look Development
Falken Tires / Falken Logo Screen / Look Development
Falken Tires / Thunder / Look Development
Falken Tires / Red Rock / Look Development
Design Development / Tire Material & Lighting
Design Development / Auto Material & Lighting
Design Development / Stage Lights Design & Animation
Design Development / Stage Design
Design Development / Stage Screens Design & Animation
Design Development / Camera Animation
Design Development / Composition in After Effects
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