Styleframes, 3D Modeling, Environment Design, Lighting, Materials, Animation & Rendering / 2D Compositing
CCTV9 ID / Space Station / Animation Screen Stills
Trollback & Co asked me to help design two IDs "Space Station" & "Ice Cave", & animate two IDs "Porcelain" & "Space Station" for China's broadcast channel CCTV9 Documentary Channel.
This ID theme was a trip to the International Space Station. The space station is in a constant kinetic state, closing and transforming. Only to find out that the CCTV logo is the space station.
CCTV9 ID / Space Station / 3D Build for Animation 
CCTV9 ID / Porcelain / Animation Screen Stills
We travel from ancient temples high in the Chinas mountains, sweeping by villages by the water edge and bustling waterway to come out of an antique porcelain painting.  
CCTV9 ID / Porcelain / Design & Look Development
CCTV9 ID / Ice Cave / Animation Screen Stills
This ID theme was a journey through an underground cave file with ice and water only being illuminated by the glow of the CCTV9 logo. Here is the result of my style frames, coming to life, from some great animators at Trollback & Co.
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