3D Animation in Cinema 4D / 2D Animation & Motion Design in After Effects
Year: 2019
Client: California Coastal Commission
Studio: Radley Studios
Creative Director: Antonio Cicarelli
Producer: Sara Cimino
Illustrator: Radley Staff
Animation: Anthony Serraino
Synopsis: Radley Studios asked me to help bring the California Coastal Commission's The Whale Tail License Plate social media campaign to life by animating their visually stunning illustrations. I animated scenes celebrating the first day of summer, the 4th of July, and tailored the original "Trip of a Lifetime" spot to major California beach cities. For each scene, I was provided with multiple layered illustrations for the key elements. Using Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects, I added movement and life to the illustrations, preserving the look, feel, and style of the original artwork.
First Day Of Summer & 4th Of July
Bespoke Call-out To California's Beach Cities 
San Francisco!
Santa Cruz!
Solana Beach!
Behind The Scenes
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